Friday, 30 January 2015

Watch Stella McCartney being interviewed by Charlie Rose

"I never wanted to make it too easy for people to sum me up." –Stella McCartney

British fashion designer Stella McCartney was recently interviewed by the American journalist Charlie Rose. She talked about ready-to-wear, her responsible approach to fashion, the evolution in her own fashion house, how she came up with her ethical sensibility and why she didn't become a musician like her father. Watch the interview to get to know her better!

El periodista americano Charlie Rose entrevistó recientemente a la diseñadora de moda británica Stella McCartney y hablaron sobre prêt-à-porter, de su modo responsable de ver la moda, de la evolución de su firma de moda, sobre cómo consiguió su sensibilidad ética y por qué no siguió los pasos de su padre en el mundo de la música. Si quieres conocerla mejor, ¡no te pierdas esta entrevista!

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