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5 interesting articles: 'Do Diffusion Lines Still Make Sense?' & more

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We compile five articles about fashion that might be of your interest. On this occasion, The Business of Fashion asks if the diffusion lines still make sense and why Germany isn't a bigger fashion player. Also, fashion critic Vanessa Friedman shares some thoughts on Frida Giannini's departure at Gucci and, finally, we share with you an interview with Jonathan Anderson, Loewe's creative director and we discover on the basis of the law of retail gravitation six principles from the professor of the University of Warton David R. Bell. You'll find the links below. Have a wonderful last weekend before New Year! 

Recopilamos cinco artículos sobre moda que pueden ser de vuestro interés. En esta ocasión, The Business of Fashion se pregunta si las líneas de difusión aún tienen sentido y por qué Alemania no tiene un papel más importante en el sector. Asimismo, la prestigiosa crítica de moda Vanessa Friedman hace una interesante reflexión sobre el adiós de Frida Giannini a la firma italiana Gucci y, por último, compartimos una entrevista con Jonathan Anderson, director creativo de Loewe, y descubrimos a partir de la ley de gravitación del retail seis principios del profesor de la Universidad de Warton David R. Bell "que demuestran la importancia de la presencia a pie de calle para los negocios online". A continuación tenéis los enlaces. ¡Feliz último fin de semana antes de año nuevo!

1. "Do Diffusion Lines Still Make Sense?" by Robin Mellery-Pratt, The Business of Fashion, December 17, 2014.
"In the face of fierce competition and heavy cost structures, some brands are rethinking the logic of their diffusion lines." Read the article, here.

2. "Why Isn't Germany a Bigger Fashion Player?" by Kate Abnett, The Business of Fashion, December 16, 2014.
"Germany is Europe's biggest consumer of fashion. So why isn't the country a bigger force in the international fashion world?." Read the article, here.

3. "Beware, Designers: What Frida Giannini's Departure at Gucci Tells Us" by Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times, December 16, 2014.
"[...] What’s interesting, however, is that in all the who-ing and fro-ing, what hasn’t come up is just how pointedly Ms. Giannini’s departure reflects on current fashion industry wisdom, and the idea that what is needed right now are “clothes for real life. [...]” Read the article, here.

4. Jonathan Anderson Interviewed by Michel Gaubert, Interview Magazine, November 2014.
"[...] As the 30-year-old Anderson explained to his friend, DJ and sound designer Michel Gaubert, during a phone call this past November, fashion is now in the ownerless age of the internet—and he just wants to show us his sketchbook." Read the article, here.

"En un momento en que el ecommerce se ha convertido en protagonista de las estrategia de las principales empresas de moda, la ley de gravitación del retail toma una gran importancia, y no sólo para los negocios offline". Podéis leer el artículo, aquí.

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