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Top 5 articles: 'The Glamorous Past, Troubled Present, and Uncertain Future of NYFW' & more

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Today we share with you five articles we found interesting about the fashion industry. Firstly, we analyze the evolution of New York Fashion Week, then we ask ourselves why sportswear giants are embracing fashion, we read some thoughts on the upcoming entry of Gap in Spain and we get to know the creator of one of our favourite blogs: Fashion Copious. Finally, we check out an interactive piece by The Guardian that explains how can business help to eradicate child labour in the fashion supply chain. You'll see the links below. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Hoy compartimos cinco artículos que nos han parecido interesantes sobre la industria de la moda. En primer lugar, analizamos la evolución de la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York, después nos preguntamos por qué los gigantes de la moda deportiva adoptan la moda, leemos sobre la inminente entrada de Gap en España y descubrimos al creador de uno de nuestros blogs favoritos: Fashion Copious. Por último, examinamos una pieza interactiva de The Guardian que explica cómo pueden las empresas ayudar a erradicar el trabajo infantil en la moda. Veréis los enlaces a continuación. ¡Que tengáis un buen fin de semana!  

1. "The Glamorous Past, Troubled Present, and Uncertain Future of NYFW" by Chavie Lieber, Racked, January 22, 2015.
"Fashion Week still faces many obstacles that cloud its potential, and given the imminent changes, industry experts are now implored to reflect on how the blockbuster event came to be, where it currently stands, and what the future will bring." Read the article, here.

2. "Why Are Sportswear Giants Nike and Adidas Embracing Fashion?" by Robin Mellery-Pratt, The Business of Fashion, January 21, 2015.
"As Nike and Adidas announce new designer collaborations with Acronym’s Johanna F. Schneider and Junichi Abe’s Kolor, respectively, BoF examines the strategies behind the uptick in the fashion activities of the world’s leading sportswear giants." Read the article, here.

"If you've spent any time trolling the Internet for new fashion editorials, you've probably happened upon Fashion Copious at some point. Similar to Fashion Gone Rogue, the blog functions as something of a one-stop destination for seeing what's new in the world of magazines and advertising; as a news editor, it's a useful tool to have in your RSS feed." Read the article, here.

4. "Child labour in the fashion supply chain - where, why and what can business do?" (Interactive) by Josephine Moulds, The Guardian, January 19, 2015.
"Some 170 million children were in child labour in 2012, according to the International Labour Organisation, touching areas of our lives from fashion to food. To achieve true sustainability, businesses must consider their impacts on children, both directly and indirectly." Read the interactive piece, here.

5. "Bienvenido, Mr. Gap" by Modaes.es, el blog On The Record de Modaes.es, 18 de enero de 2015.
"En los últimos días el gigante estadounidense Gap, tercera empresa de distribución de moda del mundo por detrás de Inditex y H&M, ha confirmado su próxima entrada en España, adelantado por Modaes.es el pasado enero". Podéis leer el artículo, aquí.

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