lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Cristiano and Irina vs. Kanye and Kim - Which Vogue cover is better?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk by Mario Testino for Vogue Spain June 2014
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US April 2014
Real couples are having a fashion moment. Today we are seeing them on the cover of Vogue. So, let's start a debate! Which Vogue cover is best? Cristiano and Irina or Kim and Kanye? Vogue Spain or Vogue US? Which cover captures the essence of each couple best? What do you think? Who did it better? We prefer (by far) Cristiano & Irina! And you?

Las parejas de verdad están más de moda que nunca. Actualmente las estamos viendo en la portada de Vogue. Así que, ¡abrimos el debate! ¿Qué portada de Vogue es mejor? ¿Cristiano e Irina o Kim y Kanye? ¿Vogue España o Vogue América? ¿Cuál de ellas capta mejor la esencia de cada pareja? ¿Quién lo hizo mejor? Nos quedamos (de lejos) con Cristiano e Irina. ¿Y tú?

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Unknown dijo...

Cristiano & Irina all the way! (:

<3 Carsla
Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
A stylist, foodie, & writer’s blog in development.

LAM dijo...

I like Cristiano and Irina's cover best. Kim K's face looks really weird in hers. I'm now following you on GFC and FB, I'd love it if you could follow me too? xx

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